Laptop Support

A new Laptop Support

Lounge-tek, Since 2008 produce an innovative laptop support to enjoy computing at home with Notebook and Tablet PC.
We didn’t found any support that meet our wish….and we created it!
Lounge-book is 100% made in Italy

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Comfortable, Ergonomic.

Lounge-book, has the support we need!
Fully Adjustable, tilt and swivel, requires only 3cm to slide under your couch, armchair, bed.
Thanks to Lounge-book you can use your Laptop in a comfortable way, avoiding poor posture that my cause backpain, Cervical and other diseases….
Also Computer work better….improving cool & Ventilation, it prevents also to stop air flow with dress or other textile.

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According to any Lifestyle.

Lounge-book comes in several finishings to meet any Style in Furniture.
You can Buy it direct from the producer!

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